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How TinyZap started

TinyZap was created in 2023 in response to the increasing unpredictability and fragmentation of social networks and their policies.

Traditionally, sharing an image, video, or any original content directly on social platforms meant relinquishing a certain degree of control. Your creative piece is hosted on their platform, bolstering their community, being molded by their rules.

TinyZap flips this idea on its head and empowers you to retain control over your creations by hosting them on a platform of your choosing, be it your personal website or a service that aligns with your values. All we do is optimize the link to make it look really good on other websites and send people your way.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Host Your Content: First, upload your content onto a platform where you dictate the terms. It would be a WordPress site, newsletter, or any other platform of your choosing.

  2. Create a visual link with TinyZap: Next, copy the link of your hosted content and paste it into TinyZap. TinyZap works its magic, generating captivating screenshots of your content, finely tuned to complement the specifications of each individual social network.

  3. Drive Traffic to your Content: When viewers click on the link, they are seamlessly redirected to your content on your platform, thus channeling traffic and engagement where it belongs - with you.

With TinyZap, you’re not just sharing content; you’re supporting the open internet that values content creators and their right to ownership. Step into a world where your content remains unequivocally yours.