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Get more clicks on social media links

TinyZap turns boring text links into interesting images that stand out on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and social posts. More people visit these visual links and spend time on your 🫵 websites, apps, and web destinations.

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Takes less than a minute
Before and after image. Before a link is plain text. After a link includes an image, title, and description.

How it works

It only takes a few seconds to create visual links with these three steps:

  1. Paste a link into TinyZap
  2. TinyZap takes a screenshots of the link and optimizes them for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Discord and other websites
  3. Share the TinyZap link and drive traffic to your website.

That's it! You focus on telling your story and TinyZap sweats the details on optimizing visual links for each social network.

Up your OpenGraph game

Personalize OpenGraph visuals and details each time you share a link. Instead of a single description and image for a webpage, adapt to the moment and the audience with every share. It's the "why" leading the "what".

An illustration that shows how several visual OpenGraph TinyZap links with different titles, descriptions, and images can point to an existing OpenGraph link on a webpage.